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Welcome! This site provides learning resources for FamilySearch Family Tree and other family history topics. Materials have been created to address specific needs, so topics are varied. More will be added as the need arises. Note: the tutorials and presentations below are best viewed in Chrome or Firefox. (Firefox sometimes displays an error message, but refreshing the page usually solves the problem.)

The materials on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attributions license. You are free to share, use, and alter them, but not to charge others for them.

Hello, and thanks for visiting. My name is Kathryn, and I'm a family history enthusiast, researcher, and teacher. Over time as I've developed presentations and tutorials, people have requested copies. This web site puts all these materials in one place for easy access. These materials are not connected with or endorsed by FamilySearch or the LDS Church. I take full responsibility for any errors and would appreciate feedback on any you find.

Upcoming Classes

Date & Time Title Venue
22 Nov 2015
(4:30 pm)
Getting the Most from FamilySearch Family Tree: Minimum Stress, Maximum Progress BYU Family History Library
22 Nov 2015
(6:00 pm)
"Where Do I Begin?" Success Tips for Getting Started with Family History BYU Family History Library
16 Jan 2016
(10:10 am)
Sources Made Simple Riverton Family History Saturday Seminar
16 Jan 2016
(11:20 am)
Duplicates in Family Tree: Why They're There, How to Find Them, and How to Resolve Them Riverton Family History Saturday Seminar
24 Jan 2016 (6:00 pm) Sources Made Simple BYU Family History Library
28 Feb 2016 (6:00 pm) Getting Started with English Research BYU Family History Library


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Finding Hidden Children from Extracted Records in Family Tree
Did you know that some Family Tree records from extracted christenings have been marked living so that they are not visible? This tutorial explains how to identify these children so you can have their records made visible.

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How to Find Your Helper Number
Finding your helper number is almost ridiculously easy—unless you can't find it :) If you're a ward consultant, you can give this link to members if they need to locate their helper number to give to you.

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Sample Reason Statements
Are you puzzled about what to put in the various reason fields in Family Tree? Do you leave reasons off because they're so tedious? This document provides some sample reason statements you can copy and edit to provide helpful information for other reserachers.

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Understanding the Data in Family Tree
This tutorial explains were Family Tree data came from. An accurate understanding of Family Tree data helps prevent errors and duplicate ordinances.


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Duplicates in Family Tree: Why They're There, How to Find Them, and How to Resolve Them
Family Tree contains many duplicate records, but finding and resolving them correctly is not as simple as it may sound. This presentation explains how to find obvious and less obvious duplicates. You'll also learn best practices for merging duplicates so that information and relationships are not lost.

Google Drive Icon Finding and Adding Sources to Records in Family Tree
It's easier than ever to attach sources to people in Family Tree. This presentation explains how.
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Getting Started with English Research
England—the land of Shakespeare, Buckingham Palace, and double-decker busses. Maybe it’s the land of your ancestors too! This presentation touches briefly on English history and culture, but its main focus is on the most useful records and how to search them. It also gives an example of tracing ancestors who emigrated from England.

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Getting the Most from FamilySearch Family Tree—Minimum Stress, Maximum Progress
This presentation covers basic concepts of success for using FamilySearch Family Tree. The live class allows students to ask questions and see answers demonstrated. Some of the most common questions may be added to this presentation in the future.

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The Timeline Grid: An Easy Way to Track, Organize, and Use Your Research
The timeline grid is a simple tool to help you record research findings in an organized way. More information is available here.

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When Your Family History is "All Done:" Temple Work Through Descendancy Research
At a loss for finding names for temple work because your family history is "all done"? Learn how to reap a rich harvest through descendancy research. You will learn a reliable process, along with tips and tricks to help you proceed effectively and avoid common pitfalls.

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"My Tree" and "The Magic Well": How Mental Models Influence Use of FamilySearch Family Tree
Mental models—the ideas in our mind about how things work—often don't match reality. Still, we want them to be as close as possible. Originally given at an employee conference, this presentation explores two common but inaccurate mental models of FamilySearch Family Tree. It compares them with how Family Tree actually works, and suggests ways to correct inaccurate mental models.


Nauvoo Times Articles on Family History (see March 4 – current; also Decemeber 10, 2014 and July 25, 2012)
"Truth From Elijah" (Primary Song) with additional verses

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