You know a reading app has a great design when you find yourself wanting to use its features when you read a paper book. Here are my top five reasons for loving my Kindle app:

  1. Pinch and zoom text. A simple motion lets me increase or decrease the text size, depending on my needs. (In contrast, another reading app I use makes me navigate to a setup screen to choose the font size.)
  1. Choice of background colors (but not too many). I can have black on white, black on sepia, or white on black. My favorite is black on sepia. I like having limited options rather than having to worry about pink on green, for example.
  1. Search. Finding a passage or quote couldn’t be easier. This feature comes in handy at our neighborhood book club meetings.
  1. Highlighting. I don’t particularly like marking up my paper books—it can get messy, and it’s hard to erase if I change my mind. But the Kindle app gives me the freedom to mark a passage with a subtle highlight, knowing I can undo it at any time.
  1. Integrated dictionary. Brilliant! I love being able to long-tap a word and get an immediate definition. It makes my reading more meaningful and improves my vocabulary. This is by far my favorite feature, and yes, I find myself wanting to tap words in my paper books.

I don’t just consider the Kindle app user-friendly; it exceeds my expectations for a great user experience.