One of the little extras I appreciated most on my old ThinkPad laptop was the keyboard light. Whether taking notes in a darkened presentation room or finishing up a project while watching the last remnants of a sunset from my home office window, I often used the small light that illuminates the keyboard just enough to type.

There was just one small drawback: the light was activated by holding down the Function key in the lower-left corner of the keyboard while pressing the Page Up key in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. Now in daylight, of course, when the light is not needed, it’s no problem to find the two keys. But in the dark? Not so much. It was easy to hit several wrong keys before finally turning the light on.

Recently I replaced my old ThinkPad (RIP) with a newer, faster model. I loved it—but where was the keyboard light? Not on the Page Up key any more (which had moved anyway) and not on the Delete key, which was now in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. It wasn’t on any of the Function keys either. But I knew the laptop had one because it flickered briefly during boot-up.

Finally, I turned to the product documentation (which I should have done in the first place) and discovered the light was now controlled by holding the Function key and pressing the Space bar. Great idea! There’s no key on the keyboard that’s easier to find in the dark than the space bar. Kudos to Lenovo for a user-friendly change.