Some friends rented an older home which had a bathroom with no windows. The ceiling socket had no bulb, so naturally they got a bulb and twisted it into the socket. Voilà! Light. Satisfied, they turned out the light and closed the bathroom door, only to hear the sound of shattering glass. Turns out there was a reason (which the owners neglected to mention) that there was no bulb in the socket. The socket was placed so that the door couldn’t be closed or opened without hitting the light bulb.

Usable design matters.

This blog will explore usable design, with a particular focus on user experience related to software and web sites. Often when people think of “design,” they’re thinking of visual/graphic design or interface design. But this blog considers a wider definition which includes aspects such as process and behavioral design. We’ll look at examples of good and not-so-good design, along with suggestions for making whatever you design more usable.